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An online form will be here soon. Meanwhile, here is a membership form in several formats. Choose whichever format and method of payment are easiest for you. You can print (PNG or PDF formats) or email (DOC) the form. You can also join at a meeting.

  • Printing option: Print membership form, add your details by writing, and hand or post to us.
  • Email option: If you can edit the form, then add your details. save as [new file name], and email.
  • Payment: Bank transfer, cheque, or at a meeting. Details on form.

Printing: The simplest method is to open the PNG form in a browser and print. Alternatively, right click or 'long press' on your preferred PDF or DOC format and save the form. Then, open the form using the application specific for the PDF or DOC format and print. If you can't print yourself, call into a library or 'copy shop'. Libraries usually have an email address for printing. You could save a completed form to your phone and email to the library when you're there, or use one of their computers to obtain it from this website, and print. Some libraries can scan a written form and email it to you and/or us. A local 'copy shop' such as 'Snappy Snaps' will also do these things, though at higher cost, and may be able to use a file saved to a memory stick.

Format of form Opens in browser or not? Can saved copy be easily edited to add your details?
PNG (image) format: EHHS_membership_form.png Yes, all. You can print form.. No.
PDF format: EHHS_membership_form.pdf Yes, mostly. You can print form. No.
DOC format: EHHS_membership_form.doc Usually not. Yes - easy to add details and print or email.