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The EHHS has around 90 members. Members receive our newsletter by post every two months, and also by email if wished. Just over 200 people follow us on X (formerly Twitter), where we post details of our meetings and events a week or two in advance.

Do join us!

Here is a membership form in several formats. Choose whichever format and method of payment are easiest for you.

  • DOC format allows you to add your details and email to us.
  • PDF will open in most devices, and is the format that gives the most faithful format when printed.
  • PNG will open in every device, and you can also print, although the paging may change.

  • Email option: Download the DOC version to your device, open in any word processor, add your details. save and email. You can also do this at your local library,
  • Print option: Print membership form, add your details by writing, and hand or post to us. You can also print at your local library or a High Street shop such as Snappy Snaps (latter higher cost).

  • Payment: Bank transfer, cheque, or cash at a meeting. Details on form.

  • You can also join at a meeting. It will help us if you bring a completed form.


Format of form Opens in browser or not? Can saved copy be easily edited to add your details?
PNG (image) format: EHHS_membership_form.png Yes, all. You can print form.. No.
PDF format: EHHS_membership_form.pdf Yes, mostly. You can print form. No.
DOC format: EHHS_membership_form.doc Usually not. Yes - easy to add details and print or email.